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Frequently Asked Questions

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How fast can you setup a fake girlfriend?

After you send us back our required information and pay for your first month’s of service we can have your fake girlfriend ready to go in a day or two.

Do your fake girlfriends ever meet clients in real life?

No.  100% never.  It is against our terms of service.  You are employing our girls to be fake -online- girlfriends.  We do not meet with the clients in person, ever.

Do you just do social sites like Facebook and Twitter?

No actually we don’t.  Some of our clients need more in-depth services of our fake girlfriends and have us join them in games like WoW or Everquest II.  In fact, we’ve had several clients hire us to be their WoW girlfriend, joining their in game guilds and even going on raids with them.

Why do the girlfriends or clients have to be 18 or older?

The law requires you to be 18 years of age or older the enter into a contract and all of our clients and fake girlfriends are required to enter into a non disclosure agreement.  Discretion is a top priority for us and the NDA is only a part of our practice to ensure that.

Are all your fake online girlfriends really females?

Absolutely 100% yes.  All of our fake online girlfriends are real females of all ages and from different backgrounds.  We have found the one think you can’t ever fake is being a girl, though many have tried over the years.  Fake Internet Girlfriend is proud to say we are a female owned and operated company and all of our staff is female as well.  We are able to limit our hiring to strictly females because we are hiring actresses to play a specific role.   It really isn’t a discrimination thing.  We love men, we just don’t find it appropriate to hire males to play the part of a female, just as I’m sure you wouldn’t find Hollywood movies as interesting if males were hired to play the female leads.  Well the same thing here.  So long story short, we are all females here, every single person.  In fact, there are many times that our jobs as fake internet girlfriends require us to be heard.  For example in our gamer girl package, we have to sometimes get in vent during raids and well that requires our voices to be heard.  Sometimes our fake girlfriends have to leave our clients voice-mails or call a client while they are at work.  Again all things that require a female voice.  That’s really just not something that can be faked.

Do you offer fake internet boyfriends for females?

No I’m sorry to say but we don’t offer this service at this time.  Everyone who works here is a female so I don’t think we would be very good at pretending to be a male / boyfriend.  So although as much as we would love to consider offering a service like this, it just isn’t possible at this time.

Do you text your clients?

Yes, in fact we do!  Texting has become a big part of what we do in our fake internet girlfriend services.  It allows a client to interact with the girlfriend in a new and unique way.  So it’s not just a matter of getting messages or talking to her on Twitter or Facebook.  We take it a step further and text you as well.  We want everyone to really think your fake internet girlfriend is as real as it gets.  Heck, we’ll even leave you some voice-mail messages if you want so you can listen to them in front of others.  What we do not offer is SEXTING.  I’m sorry but there is never anything sexual in nature with our services.  Providing sexual services of any kind in exchange for money is illegal in most states and it’s just something we would never ask our girls to do.  We realize that some of our fake internet girlfriends are very pretty and sound sexy on the phone or whatever, and it’s only natural to want to get to know her for real, but keep in mind, what we offer is a very professional service.  Please don’t confuse our professionalism and expertise as a real invitation for anything more. She is your FAKE INTERNET GIRLFRIEND and that is as far as it goes, ever.

How do clients explain meeting their fake internet girlfriend?

When we start the process of creating your fake internet girlfriend that is one of the first things we address. Some people claim to have met her at work. Some people say for example she works for your company but in another state. Some people say they met her while she was in town visiting friends and family. There are so many different ways to explain how you met someone and initiated a long distance relationship. If you can’t think of one yourself, not to worry, we can help. We have a long collection of stories about how two people meet and start a relationship that transcends time and space.

Do you tip your fake girlfriend or how does that work?

While it is true we are providing a service and in some cases it is customary to tip when you are happy with a service you received, in this particular case it’s not really something that is done. You pay for our services. That is the money you have to spend. Tipping isn’t really necessary and we even discourage it. Our girls get paid an hourly wage. They are often stay at home moms or college students, that get the benefit of working from home, part time and making well above minimum wage for doing so. So hopefully a client should never feel like they need to give their fake internet girlfriend more money. If you think your girlfriend is doing a good job, GREAT – that is what she is supposed to do. That’s why you hired us.