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How do I get started?

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Getting started is really rather easy but you must be over 18 to use our services.

If you are over 18 and are ready to create your fake online girlfriend simply contact using the “contact us” form at the very bottom of the main menu of our website, letting us know that you are ready to rent yourself an online girlfriend.  We will send you back a simple questionnaire about an invoice that you can pay online, which covers your first month of service.  Your service will not begin until you have paid for your first month and returned to us the answers to our initial questions.  These are basically some questions about you and what your want your fake internet girlfriend to be like.   Basically we let you help us create the perfect fake girlfriend for you so that she seems more realistic.

Our services are very discreet and part of service contract states that we will never reveal we are a fake girlfriend nor will you ever reveal you have used our services.  It’s a simple non disclosure agreement for your protection and ours.