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How much does this service cost?

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We charge a flat fee of $250 per month, for your basic girlfriend package, which includes setting up a profile on a social networking site like Facebook to publicly communicate with you and making up to 2 public phone calls (ie: to your secretary to leave you a message) or leaving voice mails for you in any given month.  This package also includes friendly texts up to 10 times a month at any given dates and times you specify.

For example.  if you want us to text you when you know you’ll be with your boss to tell you we love and miss you so he can see you interacting with your girlfriend, just let us know when and we’ll take care of it for you.

When you hire a Fake Internet Girlfriend you get the services of a real person creating a real persona and these things take time.  Because it’s important that our fake girlfriends appear to be the real deal setting up the fake person can take time and of course then there is the time it takes to interact with you once the person’s identity has been established.

Truth is, it would cost you way more than $250 a month if you had a real girlfriend.  Only we don’t come with all the drama.  Well unless you want that.  We can always throw in a fake fight or two if that is what makes you happy.

For more in-depth or specialized services like the gamer girl package, we charge about $350 per month.  Basically this gets you a girlfriend who becomes involved in your gaming community such as World of Warcraft, Everquest II or Evony.  The gamer girl package costs slightly more than the basic girlfriend package simply because it typically requires more time than our basic girlfriend services and it also requires employing staff that has specific and unique knowledge of the game in question.  In fact, you can even have your girlfriend join your guild, level up a character and even go on raids with you.   Just let us know when you contact us exactly what you are looking for in a gamer girlfriend.

Please note: Because of the time involved in setting up any of our fake internet girlfriend services, all accounts are required to commit to a minimum of 3 months.