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Mar 2011 31

Why Rent an Online Girlfriend?

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There are more reasons to rent an online girlfriend than you may think.   Truth is, life is complicated.   Sometimes have a fake internet girlfriend helps make it a lot less complicated.

Sometimes people need to rent a fake girlfriend for their job.  Some employers are biased towards single folks.   Often times employers give preference to people in more serious relationships so it can benefit a person to have a fake online girlfriend they can say they are in a long distance relationship with.

Sometimes people hire a fake internet girlfriend to make an ex-girlfriend jealous.  In fact, we get a lot of clients for this reason.

Sometimes people don’t want to hear it from their family, they want to avoid the drama all together of the never ending questions about dating so they simply employ a fake internet girlfriend so their family will stop hounding them about finding the right girl.

Sometimes people want to keep certain aspects of their personal life, well personal and private.  The one way to do this is to hire a fake internet girlfriend for appearances sake.  It avoids all the pesky little questions about why you’ve never been seen dating a girl before.

Let our professional girlfriends be a part of your social network. Nobody but you will ever know that your girlfriend isn’t real. She will communicate with you in a way that seems so real, even you might begin to believe it!