How to Find a Russian Girlfriend?

How to Find a Russian Girlfriend?

When you are looking for a Russian bride, you might find it hard to trust someone you’ve never met. This is why you should use your common sense and research. A lot of guys these days choose to find their true love using the Internet. They think that they will get some good results through Russian dating sites. Well, this might work for a while. However, it is impossible to find true love through a typical dating site.

Why Russian Women Are Interested in Western Men?

Russian girls are among the best looking in the worlds. They are tall and thin. Most of these girls do exercises to stay fit. They take very good care of themselves. And, they even use SPA procedures for beauty.

Being beautiful and perfect is one thing a Russian girl looks for in her foreign husband. It is therefore quite understandable that many Russian brides have great expectations from their foreign husbands. These brides take care of their foreign husband very well. They are happy to live with them and cook delicious food for them. They also take care of their husband’s interests and hobbies very much.

1. Historical background

Some of these women are interested in ancient history, while some of them want to know about the cultural aspect of their home country. Some of them want to know more about the legends and myths of their country, while other women just love the historical background of their groom.

2. Russian girls take great care of their husband

So, they do not really like to see their husband sad. That is why they often try to make their western husbands happy. A Russian bride can be a wise and sensible lady. She will think about the welfare and happiness of her husband and family first before trying to please her western husband in any other matter.

3. Financial stability

Since there are many western countries that are economically stable and have good living standard for their people, many Russian women for marriage are willing to work in those countries in order to earn a decent amount of money. In fact, many Russian girls try to find out if they can get better jobs in those countries. They always try to look for better job in order to have a good future in life. In fact, many of them even leave their families to live permanently in another country just in order to have more money.

4. They are already used to having different kind of life

These Russian women always try to prove to their husbands that they can also have a nice and fulfilling life. Even though there are many men who already got married to such kind of women, there are still some who prefer to be with Slavic women. Therefore, a Russian woman like Olga is a perfect example of such type of woman.

Russian Girlfriends Culture

One reason why you can’t find Russian brides is because people in Russia have different cultural values. Therefore, your chances to find a Russian girlfriend is very slim. Russia is a country of extremes; you can be anywhere in it, but you will need to adapt to the different traditions and culture. Unlike western countries, where culture is kept very simple, in Russia things are different. The traditional values are different, and you would need to understand all these differences before getting into a relationship with someone.

Women in Russian culture don’t wear much clothes. Therefore, it is difficult to find a Russian girlfriend who wears a lot of clothes. In fact, when I was in Russia I didn’t even know there was a tradition of women wearing too much clothing! All my friends had jeans, dresses and t-shirts – no one wore a skirt or anything.

Another common reason why you can’t get a Russian girlfriend is the language barrier. The people in Russia are really smart, so if you want to get your Russian wife, you will need to know Russian quickly. If you don’t know a word of Russian now, it would be impossible for you to find out how to speak it in a couple of months or years. You could visit Russia and study a few phrases, but it’s a good idea to find a tutor first.

The other major problem is that you will have a hard time to get any kind of reaction from Russian women. They are very reserved and don’t speak much. Even if they do talk to you, they will usually only say hello and goodbye. So, it is extremely important for you to develop strong interactions with Russian women before going to their place. Besides, you will never find a traditional view of the dating scene in Russia.

It is really funny when I was in Russia a few years ago, and I met three different ethnic Russians. Each one told me that they were not interested in dating a westerner (obviously because we are westerners by culture). Three months later I got a call from one of them, and he told me that the reason why he likes Russian girls so much is that they have a traditional view of the dating scene.

Anyway, the main point here is that you shouldn’t focus on trying to find a Russian girlfriend but rather try to get as much experience as possible. Try to get some Russian girlfriends by finding one who will speak English well. The next best thing is to find a nice restaurant in Moscow or St. Petersburg that you like. And, if you really like spicy food, then you should try to get some samosas from a famous restaurant.


Now, you may be thinking that you can’t actually find a Russian woman for a girlfriend. That might work for you if you’re trying to find a girlfriend in another country. However, in most cases you can find Russian women for a boyfriend and a girlfriend. It is just a matter of using the right techniques. That’s all you need.